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If you drink them all at once, you get like this.

Hey, You can make your own with another package.  Copy right Eddie Takahashi 021310


My most favorite neon sign shot in Santa Monica CA.

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This is not what I made but it’s one of  my best shot taken by Eddie Takahashi in Santa Monica CA, 2008

Ask Eddie for more neon signs for outdoors, He is a California licensed contractor since 1983 and knowledgeable in mos t of cases.

Simply call 626-818-4329, or visit www.bestbuyneonsigns.com for more info.

See how our outdoor capable LED sign works

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This is the demo of our TOP 320 LED message sign. Programmed in just 10 min and you can do it too.

Store up to 100 messages, graphics, short videos, animations.

Call 626-818-4329  Eddie

Neon, LED signs Hot item in this season 2010

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I have many people order or call for:
INCOME TAX signs every year this time.
We have many kinds available following this link.

Flashing animated LED sign made in USA

This is also hot item in this economy era.
Gold is always the strongest in big recession time.
Flashing, animated, lowest cost sign

Call Eddie for more info at 626-818-4329

Rose Bowl is coming soon

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Coming theater near by you? May be Call Barbara.

Barbara Hart
(310) 544-9810

The Rose Bowl Queens are arriving March 5th, 2010!

She called me Today and ask me for their new play neon sign “Rose Bowl” coming soon.

I redesigned and became just like this.

They will use this neon sign every time when they play.How nice to have neon sign on their stage.

Call about neon sign to me Eddie 626-818-4329,

Call about play to Barbara             (310) 544-9810

Why is that??? LED signs has been removed by city of LA

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Recently city of LA inspectors enforce picking up the “Non permitted signs especially LED scrolling outdoor signs.

“Notice of compliance” letter shows, Any sign including window signs, parking signs, banners need sign permit.

Surrounding area business owners put any kind of window signs, You name it, especially flashing neon, LED including scroll LED signs. Of course no one has city permit for window signs, I believe.

But city more care about outdoor LED scrolling signs.  A motel owner got a ticket and had to take their sign down.

I think it’s not just fair deal. If they care more on outdoor signs that means window applications are safe despite of city ordinance says “need permit”.

I was heard that there only were 3~4 city sign inspectors in city of LA so that they only care for permitted signs that they have to inspect according to applications and they were just busy enough for each of the day.

But in these days, Economy is super slow, no new constructions out there, much less permit issuance, city revenue went down a lot but they have to pay to the city workers. That means they have to give more citations to  civilians to increase their revenue. It is the same thing as police cite car drivers suck up money to their revenue.

Anyway, I have to be more careful when I sell next LED outdoor signs.

See this video how beautiful that sign was! It’s gone~~~~~~~. Hope they don’t lose business a lot.

Video of the Smart Neon Sign in action

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